Operating within the concept that a highly structured, predictable environment is imperative to the success of special needs individuals
Offering affordable, reliable and trustworthy care for the whole family
Commitment to the highest standards of professional and quality care giving
Respect for the worth and dignity of all individuals
The right to privacy and confidentiality and that all individuals deserve such
Ensuring every individual has a right to and need for nurturance and support for the development and sustainability of positive cognitive growth, emotional well-being, and positive social interaction
Ensuring every individual should have / or learn to develop an overall sense of meaning in their lives with a positive outlook for the future
Planning our activities and programming to reflect the attitude of compassion, nurturance and a caring approach
Continuous professional development, education and research are obtained to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our participants, including consistent review of our agency practices and ongoing development
Ensuring our environment is dependable, safe and secure and comfortable with adequate levels of supervision maintained at all times
Not judging or discriminating with respect to gender, race or creed, treating each participant as an individual and affording them the respect to which they are entitled
Advocacy on behalf of our participants; this being imperative to assist them to achieve to their fullest potential
Ensuring our staffing team(s) conduct themselves in a manner that reflects BCRS’s Philosophy and Values that are consistent with the approach of providing equality, trust, dignity, integrity , fairness, authenticity and excellence in service delivery
Continuing to be compatible with and responsive to our community by means of forging continuous partnerships with and enhancing our community as a whole
Supporting individuals with diverse skills and interests
Flexibility and responsiveness to clients' varied abilities
Feedback and suggestions from participants and or community partners is imperative to consistently improve our services as a whole