Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


It is imperative that all employees at BRODIE Community & Residential Services Inc. encompass the corporate mission and values. The skilled, trained Support Workers at BRODIE Community & Residential Services Inc. are carefully chosen on the basis of academic qualifications and practical experience. They are each dedicated in their profession and utilize a non-judgmental and non-authoritarian approach; this is instrumental to ensure the participants overall experience remains positive at all times. Our Support Staff are fully trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR, as well as NVCI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention) through the CPI Institute. Having a Behavioural Therapist as part of our team, we are able to have a comprehensive training program on Individualized Program Planning (I.P.P.’s); this is to ensure optimum consistency and efficiency of the program being implemented by the staff members. This is also available to our caregivers as well if wanting to implement a specific program while the participant is at home.

Part of our corporate screening process involves a Criminal Reference Check with the Police Department which also includes a Vulnerable Sector Screening Check.