BRODIE Community and Residential Services (BCRS) provides a support based service to individuals 18 and older within an exclusive structured and nurturing program. Our program(s) are designed to meet the needs of adults with physical and or developmental disabilities, adults who have difficulty performing activities of daily living, and adults with psychological and neurological disorders who may be disoriented with their surroundings.

BCRS provides for each individual’s physical and emotional well-being through structured social, recreational, vocational and life skill based activities.

Our program(s) are based on the foundation that individuals with exceptional needs can attain and sustain productive, meaningful, and satisfying lifestyles according to their interest, aptitudes and abilities, within the most consistent and structured environment possible.

BCRS’s programs are goal focused and designed on an individual basis; an IPP (Individualized Program Plan) is designed for each individual upon admission and reviewed / revised regularly thereafter. This includes goal areas with applicable strategies and outcomes within the program. These objectives are developed based on the initial and subsequent assessment(s) of the individual's level of functioning and the individual's rate of skill acquisition. The IPP also includes a well-defined routine and activities primarily designed to assist in developing social skills and life skills.

To formulate these goals, a social history and all documentation gathered and provided by the caregiver / guardian / placing agency are utilized. The goal setting process is a collaborative one; all persons having involvement with the individual are consulted and are involved. Goals are set to ensure success is achievable and measurable; goal areas are continuously assessed and reformulated as progress is achieved.

Our services are designed to address physical, behavioral, psychological, neurological, and intellectual development and impairments that prohibit an individual from fully realizing and ‘tapping into’ his or her potential. Areas also focused on include: identity, family and social relationships, social presentation, self care skills, personal hygiene and health, life skills and vocational training as well as recreation and community involvement.

Access to effective Behaviour Management Techniques and Individualized Behaviour Management Programming is also available by consultation with our Behavioural Therapist.