Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.



Program runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. every other Friday.

Half Day consists of 3.5 hours or less.

Social time The day typically begins with the morning snack and conversation about life experiences, current events and any topic of specific interest to the participants. Birthdays and special holidays are celebrated during this time. The overall focus of the Day Program is on socialization, education, recreation, sensory and mental stimulation.

Daily Activities (Individualized / Group Activities) Our Activity Programs / Themed Programs are announced / displayed on our ‘Month at a Glance’ calendar. There are 2, 1 hour blocks of scheduled Activities / Themed Programming. It is important to note that not all daily activities can be included on the calendar due to lack of space. Individualized programs will be in a separate location (a binder) for each to make reference to. It is the goal of the Day Program to keep our clients engaged in meaningful interactions throughout the day. Individuals who may not be interested in the group programs or are unable to participate due to their presenting areas of concern are provided with alternate activities of choice / individualized program options.

Physical movement A 15-minute exercise program is part of the day’s activities. It includes warm-up, stretching, mild cardio-vascular activity and cool down. A medical clearance is required to clients to participate in this aspect of the program.

Outings Day trips are very important! They may include picnics and visits within the community to special attractions or areas of special interest.

Visual Arts This area gives participants an opportunity to develop their artistic potential by using creativity and imagination. Participants explore perspective, patterns, texture and colour.

Music Appreciation Participants are encouraged to bring in music of their choice to share with peers during the program.

Computer Training This program enables participants to enhance their keyboard skills, develop hand-eye coordination and participate in an interactive setting that includes literacy training.

Library/Academic Resources Participants can receive training in basic alphabet, writing and reading to assist in facilitating expressive and written communication.

Vocational Staff are able to assist participants in attaining gainful employment or volunteering opportunities that matches their abilities from community employers. This enables participants to enhance skills in a work-like setting.

Sports, Recreation and Leisure Participants can take part in activities such as basketball, soccer, floor
hockey, fitness awareness with access to community swimming facilities and other recreational activities.

Horticulture Therapy These greenhouse activities provide a therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere for members to learn the art of horticulture on many levels.

Community Awareness Promotion of community awareness through participation in cultural and community events. This includes walks within the community and scheduled day trips.

Grooming ‘BCRS Spa Day’ is incorporated as requested into the program, and is provided at an additional fee.

Meals A three-course hot meal is provided on Fridays. Clients may help shop for the food and prepare the meal with the assistance of staff.